Ambassador Guideline

What does it mean to be an ambassador for the Animation Awards ?

Ambassadors are the representatives of the Association within their countries.

Ambassadors are experienced professionals and recognized experts of the animation industry, in all its diversity, in their countries. Their role relies upon maintaining solid relationships and demonstrating abilities in communication in order to appear as a nationally ranked spokesperson regarding any information about the Association (membership, sponsorship, selecting certain works or personalities), in connection with the permanent structure of the Association and its Board.

Together, the Ambassadors form a college of experts who provide the Association with national exposure, strengthening its presence and actions.

– Appointment to be in accordance with the statutes. The role can be combined with that of a board member.

– Minimum of 1 ambassador per country as the ideal number, with the possibility of 2 (if agreed by the Board), depending on the size of the country, the dynamism of audiovisual and film production, and the importance of the number of potential members in the different membership categories.

– A “relay” role (with the Board and the permanent structure) for any specific requests regarding the Association and its Awards. It includes contact with public authorities and professionals, such as the media, within the country, including (but not limited to): talents, technicians, studios, producers, students, broadcasters, and distributors.

Representing the association during international festivals.

– Using information from the Board regarding the categories selected for the Awards in order to identify works and personalities considering these categories.

– Participate and monitor incoming information on different categories suitable for a Prize.

– Maintain a relationship with the Association’s office, in order to coordinate with both the Association and other Ambassadors.

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